American Jet Cars
Arfons Family
Walt "Poppy" Arfons
12/10/1916 - 6/4/2013


Please remember along with what is on this page Walt had everything to do with most of the other cars in this site.
Except for The El Cobra, Ranger, Pioneer and Arts cars of course.

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"Jet Monster" from Rodding & Re-Styling April 1960

"World's Fastest Dragster" from The How-To Book of Hot Rods 1961

"Sounds Of Sanford" LP Album recorded 10-14-62

"It's Still Only Hot Air" from Car & Driver Feb. 1962

"The Sound Barrier - Can Walt Arfons Break It?" from Auto Topics Aug. 1965

"The Green Monster Super Jet" from Drag News March 4 1966

"Jets On Wheels" from Speed & Supercar Oct. 1967

"Flame Ranch" from Drag Strip Dec. 1967

Taken From Video Tape

Miscellaneous Pictures

 Arfons Family 

 Craig Arfons 

 Arfons Brothers 

 Art Arfons 

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