Hello this site represents my newly formed exhibition wheelstander entertainment business. I'm starting with an unfinished 57 Chevy Wheelstander and a 1973 GMC 600 Car hauler/Motorhome that was built for Penske racing and stored for 20 years.

The business name is my way of keeping my Dad and Walt Arfons involved. Truly American was the name of his '69 Mustang Jet Car, which was driven by Jimmy Taylor and had one of the wildest patriotic paint jobs I have ever seen. It was painted by Gregg The Painter of Akron Ohio.  Some Mustang Pictures

Back in the mid to late sixties when Dad was running the jets and my brother Dan and I were helping in the pits and on the track my favorite "other" race cars were always the Wheelstanders. It just looked to me like they were having the most fun out there !

This is "What I would do if I could do anything I wanted" or "How to enjoy a working retirement" !
Actually my job of 24 yrs closed it's doors on us, due to today's economical and political trends towards cheaper labor, etc..

So instead of being "the old fart" in the classroom or on bottom of a senority list somewhere (again) I'm attempting to follow my dream. With the help and support of anyone interested I will make this work.

New pictures will be added as improvments are made, so check back often, enjoy!

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