This car was started by Fred Sibley Sr. and a man named Darrell Stoots in the late 90's. The man I bought it from, Mel, had pushed it around his garage for 3 1/2 years and just didn't have time to finish it.
I'm building a small block chevy (also from Fred) with as many GM Performance and "period correct" parts as possible, including a Hillborn Injection System with 12" stacks !!
I've done alot of work to the body which was just a fiberglass shell with no support structure.
The body framework allows the body to tilt two ways, the front allows me to enter/exit the car.
I also had to do some reworking ( mostly adding brackets) to the frame .
I have tracked most of the purchased parts including the frame gussets to the Summit Catalog.

Here are some pictures, select one to blow it up.

Hillborn Mechanical Injection System.

GMC 10 Bolt Floater Rear End.

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