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Wesley Thornton

Hi Chip,
I typed in jet cars and this is the first site I came across. Words are not enough to tell you how JACKED UP I got looking at and reading the stuff you have here.
THIS IS WHY, back in the summers of 1968 and 1969 I was 13 years old, my best friend was a kid named Darrel Callaway, his dad was George Callaway who was a HOT ROD photographer. Well, the three of us and another HOT ROD photographer named Steve Reyes took off from Burbank Ca. for Bonneville. I met all the guys you talk about.

Craig Breadlove had an AMX and a Javelin, this (its kinda hard for me to say this all these years later but I will) This old guy had a streamliner Indian motorcycle, I gave him a picture that George had taken of his bike the day before doing a run, I just remember how much he loved that.
Cool stuff, I must say though, that when I think of this stuff I remember Bob Hurda who Passed away on his run that year, may he rest in peace. Anyway a bunch of great people.
After Bonneville we headed for the Indy Nationals. The big thing I remember about that was, George, Darrell and me had a room at a hotel and Danny Ongais, Don Prudhomme and Linda Vaughn were staying there also.

There is so much to remember. After that we set off for Bristol, oh yeah THUNDER VALLEY for the JET NATIONALS what an AMAZING thing that will be. But first a stop in Akron Ohio and a visit with Walt Arfons. He was in the back in his JET CAR Quonset hut building a Camaro Funny Jet. I remember George telling him (you no better than to get into a funny jet) something like that. Then a little later I wrecked our mini bike on his gravel drive way, it tore the seat up pretty good, George and Walt didn't have much to say about that. Well we finally reached Bristol and all the JET GUYS are there, all of them. What a show it was. The one thing that sticks in my mind about the Bristol weekend is when George, Darrell, Myself, Doug Rose and others went out to dinner at a local steak house and just had a good time.

There is more stuff to talk about, let me know what you think about this stuff and also I was thinking that George or Darrell would have a lot of pictures of all these guys. I talked to Darrell a couple of years ago and he told me his dad was still running a car on the lake beds. Imagine That.
My longest e-mail ever, got to go.

Wesley Thornton

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