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Terry Jack “TJ”

My name is Terry Jack “TJ”, I worked with your Dad in the late 60's at several races in Michigan.

I am very sorry to here that Bob is gone, in my opinion he was one of the finest men that I ever had the chance to work with in drag racing. I still am into drag racing but now I am an NHRA Tech offical at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (THE STRIP ). I still love drag racing and always will. I had some fantastic times with your dad they were just too short.

Anyway I worked with your Dad at Detroit Drag Way and Motorcity Dragway on several times and had a Blast, (sorry for the pun) nothing short of fantastic memories. I can remember one time Bob wasn't in a good mood and was not wanting to be bothered by the fans, I was fueling up the car and people were crowding around, so your Dad came over to me and handed me a cigarette, he had one also, he lit both of our cigarettes (remember I was putting fuel in the car) and you should have seen how quickly the people just vanished, your dad and I started laughing so hard that we both forgot what or why he was upset and we had a great night after that. I'll never forget that night.

The part time job at The Strip is alot of fun at times, tends to bring back old memories. My main job is building cars for Carroll Shelby here in Las Vegas, our plant is on the LVMS ( Las Vegas Motor Speedway) complex. If you ever get to Las Vegas look me up and I'll give you a ride in one of our cars and a tour of the plant.

God Bless You And Your Family, I will always keep Bob in my memories of some of the best times that I ever had.

Take Care
Terry Jack aka “TJ”

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