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Tom Downing


I want to thank you for letting me know about this site. I did't know your Dad during his racing years, but I considered him my best friend of more than twenty years.

Pops ( we all called him Pops ) was a very special person. He would do anything for me and my family. He is the sole reason I moved to the Sanford Fla. area. I remember many nights playing cribbage, and he would be talking about his racing days. He would go on and on about all his racing family and friends on the salt.

I was at the hospitol the night before he died, and left there in tears. I will always miss my best friend, but will remember all the good times we had together and all the pranks we pulled on each other. I have many mementos of him in my house including this picture I'm attaching to this e-mail.

Thanks again for the fine tribute to the man we called "POPS"

Tom Downing

 Bobby Tatroe & Wingfoot Express

This picture was used for Christmas cards in '65

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