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Rita & Roy Trevino

Dear Chip,

Your dad would be so proud of your contributions and tribute to his memory.

In August of 1970 Roy had Cuddihy Dragway in Corpus Christi, Texas. Bobby came there and raced for us. While there Hurricane Celia blew in, and Bobby and his wife were staying at our house. He left his rig at the Talley Ho Motel. After the storm ended with much anxiety we made it back across town to find the Talley Ho had blown down, but Bob's rig was OK but out of gasoline. We had hell finding gas to get him out of town, but we managed to get him on his way. We had such a warm fellowship with him during the worst of the hurricane, and teased him every time we saw him after that!

Keep up the good work, son. He left you the legacy of his name and accomplishments and you have certainly lived up to it by sharing this with anyone on the Internet.

Thanks for a wonderful tour down memory lane!
Your friends,
Rita & Roy Trevino

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