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Rick Losa


It was good to see your sight. I read Leonard Cornelius' story about Chuck, and started reliving the old days in my mind, too. Chuck was our Explorer Post's Advisor back then, I guess around '68, '69. He and his friend Tom "Terrific" helped us build and work on a 65 Chevy station wagon. We actually started building a rail, too. Anyway, Chuck was a great guy. He and Kitten always had time for us guys, and there was always a place at their table. Being teenagers growing up in the shadow of Big Daddy Don Garlits, Don Prudhomme and Shirley Muldowney, it was really great to be listened to and asked for opinions by Chuck.

We used to find ways to get to the races and say hi, and he would let us into the pits and we would stand around and watch him work. I remember many good and happy things about Chuck. Most of my old buds are exactly that-old, but we sometimes lift a beer to Chuck when we start talking about the old days. I remember going to his funeral, and feeling so bad for Kitten. I went into the Army after that, and by the time I got home, they had moved. It was one of those, "Whatever happened to ?" times that I started looking around for any info about Chuck, because people didn't believe I knew anyone close to the track. I ran into one of my buds, who said that if I looked hard enough, I would find him.

Well thanks, Chip. You made my day. If you ever hear from Leonard, ask him how things are for me. Tell him some of the old Post gets together, and when we aren't riding, we're playing ball, and if we're someplace knocking them back, I'll remember Chuck to them and send them to your sight.

Good Job Brother!

Rick Losa

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