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Ron Arfons


I was in the Navy back in 1970 when I heard that The Brand X Boys were going to be at National Raceway (just outside Washington D.C.) that's what we jokingly called each other back in those days. Bobby & Teddy were doing a grudge match that night. I was stationed at Andrews A.F.B., so I loaded my MINI Cooper with some friends and went to the track. I told them at the gate that I was an Arfons and they let me in. We were all shootin' the bull when Bobbie had the bright idea to take off the muffler on my Mini and for me to go racing, You know how persuasive he could be especially with a hand full of wrenches.

I agreed to make a few passes. He went and found some white shoe polish and put a big X on my doors. Teddy came up with a big funnel that ended up where my muffler used to be. It actually sounded real good. They were laughing their tails off as I drove to the staging area for time trials! We had a fun filled night under duress and under FIRE. Not only did I trophy, but I walked off with Middle Eliminator of the meet. So in true Arfons fashion we all got paid that night. My buddies that went to the track with me were doubly impressed with the Jet car show and the privilege to meet the "FAMILY" !

One more thing don't forget to mention the famous jet car ------ (thief) Harold " Nook " Bakewell, he had a falling out with Walt and took the whole rig and made it disappear for about a week. Uncle Walter always had a colorful crew working with him. As for your Dad, he was top notch. Even though we called each other brand X, we were all just one big Happy Family! Thanks for the jog down memory lane.

And finally Bobby, in the Race of Life and true Tatroe fashion he just had to get there before the rest of us!

Ron Arfons
Art's 1st born

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