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Thank you for resurrecting a fond boyhood memory ! Now those were the days !


Thank you from a long time Green Monster fan.


I was just visiting your awesome website, what a fantastic tribute to your dad, I did not know him, don't know if he ever ran at OCIR drag strip in calif in the early 70's, but anyhow, you really have a wonderful site here, I enjoyed my visit so much, thanks for sharing this history online.
I just went to see the Jets vs the Funnies at Firebird Raceway last sat, and the Jet exhibition at Famoso a few weeks ago, Jet Cars are awesome, just so exciting, I have saved your site, and will venture back often.

Suzanne Nitro Visionz

I discovered your website accidentally while I was researching early off-road race drivers. I am currently reading a book entitled "Off-Road Racing", published in 1974. One of the racers mentioned was Paula Murphy, and that is how I accessed your site.There are some wonderful photographs, as well as articles. My congratulations to you. I plan on coming back again and again to review the site.

Michael P. Kleiman

First let me begin by thanking you for putting together such a great site. Absolutely fascinating stories and pics, I imagine your weekends growing up were always exciting events! My particular passion is the Daytona Coupes and much to my surprise and delight found your photos of your dad with one at Bonneville. Apart from the one photo that I've seen in several books, yours are the only others I have seen.
I would like to request use of your photos of the car in the "Real Daytona Coupes" section of my own website. Naturally I would make mention of you and your site and provide a link to your homepage. I hope this will be OK, in either case I would like to at least provide a link as I know so many fans of the Daytonas know little about this interesting piece of their history.

Kindest regards
Francis Lucas

Dear Chip,
One of my associates on our team informed about your site. Very nice work! As a fellow Land Speed enthusiast and webmaster of our team's site, I very much appreciate your work. I'd be interested in having permission to use images, or putting links to your site in our history section. I look forward to future updates.

Jon M. Higley
North American Eagle Team

Allow me to introduce myself my name is Tammy Medley my husband and I have a jet dragster called Jet Stream you can check out our web site at


Your site give me goose-pimples !

thank you
“S J”
Northridge California

Just to let ya know it moves me just a bit... as a Dad with one of two kids showing any interest in my car antics...

To carry some interest and honor your Dad is a cool thing.
Bet he is pleased... from wherever he is watching.

:) Tommy Shaw

Hello I am Floyd Guerra,
My wife and I own the Desert Flame Jet Dragster. I was checking your site out. It's REALLY COOL, I like all the old stuff. I know where an older Jet Car is. It looks like the Green Mamba. Jim Deist currently owns it. It is in Calif. if you need any photos of it let me know.

Keep up the good work
Floyd Guerra

I forgot to mention in my last email I live in Loveland, Ohio which is a suburb of Cincinnati and not far south of Dayton, Ohio where the Arfons lived. I grew up in the era of the true muscle car, graduating from high school in 1967. My first car was a 69 camaro Z-28, and I owned more true muscle cars and Harley Davidsons than I could possibly remember.

As the years went by I lost interest in fast cars, but always had a corvette or 2 laying around and still have a harley 1965 sportster. I saw the Arfons run their Jet Cars several times at Edgewater Raceway in Cincinnati and Killcare Dragway around Dayton area, and they were impressive. At one time i had an unbelieveable collection of hot rod magazines, from all the publishers.

I followed drag racing mostly, but of course the Jet Cars and Land Speed Cars were always mentioned. Your email, and the fact I had to check info for you, brought back some great memories of the cars I used to own and the enjoyment of getting a new issue of a car magazine and dreaming of owning something like the machines I saw each issue. Good luck on your search for info about this great era in racing, and the people who made it great.

Mike Hines

Great web site, Chip.
I happened to just stumble across it via a search engine. I had the chance to see but two Jet Cars during the days when the NHRA banned them. Doug Roses Green Mamba and the US Turbine. Do you have any times for the Turbine car? I can't recall. The one oppurtunity I had to observe them, was when the two aforementioned cars matched raced each other at Lions in 69 or 70.
Again a very nice tribute to your dad.

Bill Duke
Los Angeles

Nice site!
Just saw Fred Sibley sr. roast two cars with the "Little Red Beer Hauler" Jet Truck in Wisconsin

Thank you so much for the website,
I put it in my Favorites. Was over at Breedloves Shop saw his car. I taught Jet engines in the Air Force. I gave Romineo Palimeas (spelling?) the tech orders for J47.

I fell in love with cars when I was four years old.
I have seen Art Arfons's Green Monster at a car show when I was very young.
I still remember it well.
I am 36 now, great sight !!
I really enjoy the history you have emassed and I would like to thank you for your excellent efforts to keep this information alive as well as the interest.

Thanx Much
Super Johnnyq

Hello Chip.
My name is John Crist and I worked for Craig Arfons from about 1973 until he moved away from Akron. I met your Dad many times over the years I worked with Craig. I think I was at your Dads house once with Craig, if he lived over by Youngs resturant. He was always mentioned fondly by Walt and Craig. I saw some Jet Cars on tv the other day and I only recognized Freddy Sibley and Les Shockley from back when I was involved.
I just searched the internet out of curiosity and came to your site. It brought back many good memories from years back. When Craig left Akron I sort of made a clean break from that "scene" and got on with my life. I saw Craig many times over the years as he ended up in Bradenton Fla. a few miles from where my parents retired to. My Dad and Walt have been close friends for a long time and they see each other when my parents come to visit me I live in ------ now and then we go see Walt and Gerty at thier trailer here in -----.

John Crist

Thanks for the great site.
After listening to lots of stories from my friend and teacher Ernie Hummel who grew up with Art and also worked with him it is very nice to finally find all of this info that you have.

Keep it up
S.E. Michigan

Thank you for your involvement and your fathers incredible feats and engineering. I have two children, Hannah (4), and Cora (3), they love Jet Cars and if you ask Cora what she wants to be when she grows up, her answer is "wanna drive Jet Cars!". Without your family and friend's involvement in the industry, they would have one less ambition and activity of importance in their lives.
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Hirst

I really enjoyed your site and it brought back a lot of memories. I grew up in cuyahoga falls which is right next to akron. I was shocked to hear about Craig Arfons. Craig and I were friends and he was always trying to talk me into touring with Tubine power garden tractor class. I was a fan of Craig Breedlove but I always admired Art for his down to earth way of making things work. My hat goes off to the Arfons brothers for there creations.

Michael E Brunyansky

I remember living near and atending school with the Arfons (that had the Green Monster).
This would be in the early 50's.
Would like to know if this is the same person.
My maiden name was: Forsyth.
My Father worked at GoodYear Tire & Rubber, designer.
Living in California now and a friend mentioned the greatest car ever was the Arfons Green Monster.
I just about dropped....he said no one but me knew what he was talking about.
Your Web site is wonderful and I printer out a couple of pictures for him.

Chip, my name is Mike Hall.
My twin brother Ken drives a Jet F/C for Al Hanna. So as a big fan of Jets, this site is the BEST I have ever seen. The pics are really great, and the info is fascinating. You have done an excellent job.

Mike Hall
Shenandoah Racing
AA/FA 1923 Ford "T"

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