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Ken The Painter

Gregg as I remember, was about 30 or late 20's anyway and I was about 17 or so.
His hair was long and brown. Of course those were the hippie days back then. I have just turned 52 so that would put him around 65 I think. His paint shop was in Copley Ohio. I did a little sanding for him once and awhile. He was not a small guy, maybe 6ft 1 or so. He had a wife and a small child the last time I saw him. Her name was Pookie I think. Maybe that was just what he called her I don't know, what I do know is that he was without doubt the best painter of his time when it came to cars.
He had drag race cars coming in from all parts of the country and had a waiting list a mile long. I really would like to find at least some of his old work. The last time I heard he had taken up doing watercolors of scenery.
Please let me know if you come into contact with some of his old work.


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