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Aunt Judy

A special thanks to Lennie, Chucks step son.
I had almost forgotten what a nice guy Chuck was.
Jimmy "Jet" Taylor lives in Ill. and runs a garage there, although by now he has probably retired.
G'pa Mel and Chris visited him many years ago while on a sales trip to I think Macomb, Ill.
I'll check with Chris on that.
I remember polishing the Exodus before runs.
I was never asked, just had a rag thrown at me and told to wipe it down.
Lil sis, y'no?
Since I got in as pit crew, I figure that was my job.
That and getting coffee. But anything for bro Bobby.
I loved the track, racing, noise, and smells and still do.
One time a driver came up to us while I was helping Bobby load the car, he'd been top winner in street class that day and was a big bear-like guy.
He stood looking the car over and Bobby too.
Then he said "You got brass balls, pal." and just turned and walked away.
Bobby cracked up, and so did I.
What a hoot.

Aunt Judy
Bobby’s Sister

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