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Aunt Judy


I just checked in to see if anything had been added to the site. I was pleased to read the mail from all who have written so far. I remember Bob telling about the hurricane in Corpus, his stories were always so funny.

And Walter, I remember once when I was with him, Bob running on a small track in the middle of farm fields, a short track and he went off the end into a lima been patch, that stopped him pretty good! The farmers complained for days after, or so I heard, about their cows not giving milk because of the noise the jet made!

So many great stories......

And Tom (Downing), you made his last years happy and fun, the teasing back and forth and the shoulder to lean on when he was so sick, I simply can't thank you enough!

I'm so glad Chip did this, I'm proud him, as proud as I was of Bob, I miss him so much.

Thank you for all for your kind words, they mean so much to us.
Chip, again great job!

Bobby’s Sister

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