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John A Hudson

Hi Chip,

I really enjoyed finding your site. Your historic pictures are great. Really brought back lot of memories of the old days for me. I met your dad a couple of times when I was a drag racer. I had the Texas Starship rocket dragster in 76-79. Went 4s @ 328 before I was injured in a plane mishap and quit driving. Sold to Fred Goes, then Rod Phelps it is now in Garlits museum.

Your photos of the steam car really interest me. I saw on the web that it's being restored and maybe will be run again. I'm writing a history on thrust car racing and I sure would like to include some of your material. The photo sequence of the steam car seems to show the rear right wheel off the ground just before the crash. Seems that I remember Doug Rose told me that it was discovered that the angle of incidence was wrong. That is, the engine was angled down too much causing the rear end to lift off the ground. I do have some photos of the Pollution Packer rocket car launching with the rear off the ground. So it was a problem with early thrust dragsters. Any further information that you can share with me would really help.

Thanks again for your site.
Your Dad is being accorded the acclaim that he richly deserves.

John A. Hudson

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