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George Callaway

My name is George Callaway & I was a west coast friend of your father.
Paula Murphy sent me your site to look at, it sure brought back GOOD memories.
Bobby & I shared lots of good times.
I was working at Deist in Burbank when we met.
Before I met your father, I toured as Tommy Ivo's mechanic.
I was at Bonneville when they ran Tom Green in the WingFoot Express & Bobbys jet car with Paula in it, I was also there almost every time Art ran.
Spent 6 weeks at Bonneville when the Blue Flame ran.
I called Doug Rose "The White Mans Casious Clay".
Started way back when Drag Racing was fun.
Still involved with Bonneville & Land Speed Racing, never go to the drags any more, just got too expensive.

George Callaway
El Mirage, Ca.

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