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E. Rickman "Rick"


I am one of the original members of the NHRA Drag Safari that toured the country in the early 50´s and showed Hot Rod Clubs how to set up drag races and inspect cars etc. Just returned from Indy and the NHRA 50th year anniversary. We will be covered in the Dec. issue of Hot Rod Magazine. I was photo editor of Hot Rod for over 20 years. Worked for Petersen Publications for 41 years.

Met Art and the Green Monster at Akron Ohio when on the tour. Years later while covering Bonneville I met Art there too and covered his running of a jet car there. This car had two cockpits, one on each side. My friend Don Francisco(Tech. Editor HRM) rode down the course on one run, I was supposed to ride back on the return run. The timing official Joe Petrali caught Don getting out of the cockpit. He raised Holy Hell !

Needless to say I did not ride back. I owe him my life. On the return run a front wheel bearing seized and the car rolled on what would have been my side. Destroyed the cockpit. Last saw the car at the Petersen Museum Land Speed car show recently.

Give my best to Art.
E. Rickman "Rick"

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