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Eric Arfons

Hi Chip,

Every so often, I'll jump on the internet and type in "Arfons" to see what I can find. For the longest time, it was small bits & pieces of things...nice to find, but not a lot in one place, and no real continuity. Recently, on one of those quick excursions, I ran across the Tom Green article you mentioned in your site here, and thought, "why didn't this lady talk to Poppy (Walt) about this before writing this story, this seems irresponsible... I've been hearing these stories at family gatherings my whole life, and I've never heard a version that even remotely resembled this..."

Tonight, I did my little search and came across your site...thanks. Thanks because, like you quoted Poppy, "your Dad was the best, ya know". I know that has always been his opinion...your dad was the best... I remember hearing it years ago, and have heard it as recently as this past fall. Thanks also because, for the first time, there is accuracy in the information. There is also a good deal of it, and some I've never seen before.

Each of us in the family has our own treasures of the racing past of Poppy's cars (and Craig's), and I hope someday to aggregate that digitally so that each of us can have ready access to it all... you've "holeshotted" me, and I'm so glad to have come across your site!

If there is any help I can lend you, please feel free to contact me.

Warmest Regards
Eric Arfons

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