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Donna Weldon

Hello !!!!!
I well remember 7/9/89 in Sebring on Lake Jackson.
It was the day the water was as smooth as glass.
And the impossible happened.
The thing that no one expected.
I was one of the EPSAR crew who were the medics for Craig.
I remember taking care of Walt in the (sorry) emergency room at the hospital which had no blood supply on hand for emergencies that day.
Walt had chest pain and an irregular heart beat in the wake of the accident and I accompanied him in as a medic, and cared for him as an ER nurse.
It was a horrific day.
I remember Craig's speech to us the night before, at supper, as well as David Lobenberg's.
I remember it as if it were yesterday.
Craig had already broken the record unofficially at the previous trials of the the boat.
We knew it would be a shoo-in.
I remember Brenda.
I remember Chad.
I remember parasailing with them all in the prototype boat.
I remember the memorial service in Bradenton.
I did have both videos, but had loaned them out some years ago, along with my personal photos, and they have never been returned.
I might try to track them down after all these years.
If I can, I will send them to you for your memories.
I don't much care for Freddie Sibley, but you guys were spectacular and I will never forget Walt, Art and Chad. (Or Mama!!)
Your photo of the boat is a memory jolt for me.


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