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Daniel Thomas

I recently ran across your web site and found myself on it for hours.
I found it very interesting and informative to say the least.
You have helped me fill some what of a gap in my life in more ways than one.
You see I am Ray Thomas's oldest son.
Your web site has in a round about way helped reunite myself and my sister Kelley.
I had not seen nor heard from her since my father's death.
I also remember a little about the Green Monster. I remember Pickle road and the shop. I also remember when they use to test fire the engine's, it use to scare the you know what out of me!! The question I have is, I have some photo's of the Green Monster at Millwalkee speedway with my uncle Sonny Thomas. I would like to know if you know who my father use to race against. It looked like another green monster?

Daniel Thomas

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