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Don Novak

I think you did a great job in putting this info together. Craig Arfons helped myself and 2 partners put a jet funny car together back in the early 80's named the "Fighting Irish". He did the majority of the tuning and wiring right in his yard not far from Marrow, Ohio by Kings Island Amusement Park.

What ever happened to the old Green Monsters? Are they garaged? In a field? Is your Dads car still around? Just wondering. I'm down here in Florida about 45 minutes from Freddy Sibley Jr's shop in Sarasota.

I'll have to ask Freddy what happened to Craigs car. Freddys so busy with building new vehicles, and teaching the drivers the ins and out of their new toys, that he doesn't have too much free time. He just finished that new semi for Pepi and now he's helping a guy that's building 2 cars at the same time. I bet Freddys got some good stories about Craig. Craig was a very intellegent person. Get me your address and I'll send you a couple posters of our old jets.

Keep up the good work on this site.
Don Novak

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