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Dave Carlson


Ray Thomas worked for Walt for a short time. He was teamed up with Doug Rose for a while. They would take turns driving. Walt had decided to build a new car, and 9 days later we were done. The original name was to be the "Green Monster Super Jet". This was Walt's first car to use round tubing for frame instead of the conventional box tubing we had used for years.

The "Super Jet" was lighter. We never did put the name "Super Jet" on it. Wasn't to long afterwards that Doug had his accident. Walt needed to fulfill already booked events at the Drag Strips, so he put Ray into the car. He did real well in the car. He was a quite man, or at least I thought. Not the same personality that Doug or your Dad had.

The one thing that bothered people was to watch Ray just before a run. His hands shook badly. I helped him many times pack the parachutes, and it was quite obvious that he was nervous. Not scared of the car. Perhaps just part of his makeup. Not really sure why he left, but then Ted Austin was put into the car. He drove it a short while and then the car was renamed the Exodus and your dad started driving it. I liked Ray, but for me it was hard to really get to know him. Maybe it was me, maybe not. He wasn't a bad driver at all.

Hope things are good with your family. Got to say, this has brought back many good memories. Thanks for the opportunity to share them.

Dave Carlson

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