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David Tatroe

I read Trent Hobbs comments on the drag strip in Kahoka, MO. When Bobby and I walked the track that day, I was concerned that it was so hot that our feet made indentations in the track. I was also concerned about the short stopping distance. Think that slowed Bobby down? He went faster every time down the track and wanted to give these people what they came to see. The last run the car stopped halfway off the end of the track !

Kahoka was one on the friendliest towns I have ever been to in my life. The turnout seemed to be much more then the population of Kahoka. At days end the town became one big celebration and Bobby was treated like a national hero !!!

I'll never forget Kahoka and I am sure that Bobby never did.
Thanks Trent and thanks Kahoka for the lasting memory.

Dave Tatroe
Bobby’s Brother

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