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Dan Tatroe
5/1/1959 — 6/17/2005

Hello Race Fans
My name is Dan Tatroe.
 I’m Chip’s younger bro, Bobby’s third (second living) son. “Chips” that’s what grandma June called him. He did and is still doing a wonderful job on this site. Very proud of him, alittle concerned though, I think he lives in the past alot. But we can’t get it out of our hearts. I know it fuels my life to this day, not only the past but the future too. I go to the Drags as often as I can and still can’t get enough. I watch the coverage on ESPN and Speed Channels, love what T.V. is doing for the sport. I don’t think it gets enough recognition. I'm also a big NASCAR fan. Actually I love all forms of racing.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about my father who I miss so very much. Not just the drag racing part, but the rest of life too. He was a jokester, I miss him reaching over and clamping onto my knee with his hand and squeezing, just out of nowhere as we were driving down the road. When he retired from racing He, Chip and I didn’t see eye to eye on alot of things. That was to bad for us and for the Drag Racing world. He was a true pioneer in Jet and Land Speed Cars, I think after retiring he wanted to go into Pro Stock or Nitro Racing. He was the best mechanic Akron Ohio ever had and I feel that he got off on the sides of drags as much as the Jets and Rockets. Plus could have made more money which is what it’s all about.

Like my bro I have so many memories of so many dragstrips, we loved it as kids. Bristol Tenn., 1967—68 AHRA Nationals, wake up in the mornin’ step out of the hotel room and in the parking lot are the Funnys and Dragsters and I don’t mean just 1 or 2, a whole parking lot full, some on the trucks and trailers and some not because they were working on them. I remember standing on the starting line during the burn outs and racing thinking I was big stuff ! When I go now I still get as close to the starting line as possible. Dragway 42, Thompson Dragway, Youngstown, Norwalk, Long Island, New York, U.S. 30, Dallas, Fort Worth, and so many more. I just want to say I am so happy so many of you race fans have responded to this site. I was young back then but I have kept interest in Drag Racing.

I don’t think the Pickle Road Jet Gang, the true pioneers of jet car racing, no matter what some others say, not to mention any names, have gotten the recognition they deserve. I miss hearing my fathers booming voice and I always wish that with that voice I could have heard him say “Son that was a good run”.

Love ya all
To my immediate family, love you all and wish to see you sometime soon for a good reason.

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