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Bill Weiss


Hey, great website !

The jets have never received their due respect, so it's cool to see you put this together !

The whole Arfons gang are true American legends !

As a kid I used to dig through old hot rod mags and see the funky B&W photos of the jets !

And think these things are from another friggin planet !

Still love those cool, old photos !

Keep up the good work !

I've been to all forms of motorsports many times over, but without a doubt, the biggest rush of all-time was standing about 20 feet from the exhaust of Les Shockley's triple jet monster big-rig deal !

Crouched down behind a fence sign at 131 up in Michgan !

Oh baby ! ! !

Words don't even come close to describing it ! ! !

But I don't have to tell you that !

Anyway, nice job !

Would have liked to have met your dad !

He must have been quite a guy !

Viva the weinie-burners ! ! ! ! !

Bill Weiss
Lawrence, Kansas

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