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Bill Barkley


 I came across your site this morning and it brought back many fond memories. I worked at Oswego for 8 years while in high school & after getting done with service. I had the pleasure of going to a couple of parties after the end of racing with your dad. He was a blast.

 I once flagged your Dad & Art Arfons. They ran 3 times that Sunday, but after starting them once we could not get anyone to do it a second time. All we had for a Christmas tree at that time was a green starting light. We lined up the cars with a flagman, but when the jets ran we took the light down so it wouldn't be blown away. At this time we also had to stop traffic on US Rt. 34 when they ran. Anyway we were instructed to kneel down point to both drivers and when they had their R's to the right level they would nod. Then we would throw the flag, lay down on the ground, and cover our heads. This was great, but as both machines went past they blew the shirt up and totally sandblasted your backside with the debris from the center of the track. This is why nobody would start them more than once.

Thanks for the memories.
Bill Barkley

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