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 Miscellaneous Comments   Last Updated (10-13-04)

 12-16-04 from Dan Tatroe, Bobby's late Son  

 9-26-04 from Walt Garbrecht  

 9-18-04 from Walt Garbrecht about Art & Walt Arfons  

 9-13-04 from E. Rickman "Rick" about Art Arfons  

 8-30-04 from Chip Tatroe about Dad and the weekend trips 

 7-21-04 from David Tatroe more about Dad at Kahoka MO 

 1-31-04 from David Russell about Chuck Morris 

 11-23-03 from Richard Coleman about Art Arfons 

 11-22-03 from George Callaway about Bobby 

 11-04-03 from Aunt Judy about her brother Bobby 

 9-16-03 from Luke Ellis about History Channel Documentary 

 9-15-03 from Steve Crain about Doug Rose 

 8-31-03 from Trent Hobbs about Kahoka, MO. Drag Strip 

 8-13-03 from Richard Coleman about The Pickle Road Gang 

 7-25-03 from Cecil Musick about Dave Corey & Tommy Ivo 

 7-15-03 from Wesley Thornton about George Callaway & Steve Reyes 

 7-03-03 from Paul Barnhart about The Backup Pickup 

 6-28-03 from Donna Weldon about Craig Arfons 

 6-20-03 from George Klass about Land Speed stuff 

 6-15-03 from Ken about Gregg The Painter 

 5-19-03 from Christina Murphy about her Grandma, Paula Murphy 

 4-30-03 from Tony Forhimad about Dusty, Art's Daughter 

 3-13-03 from Jim Cuevas about Art Arfons 

 1-17-03 from Daniel Thomas about His Father Ray Thomas 

 12-15-02 from Propsterguy Franklin about Art's J34 Dragster 

 11-16-02 from Jim Young "Met your Dad in San Antonio" 

 11-10-02 from Peter Brock about Daytona Cobra Coupes 

 8-31-02 from Bill Barkley about Bobby and Oswego Drag Raceway 

 6-05-02 from Craig's friend Don Novak 

 5-21-02 from Bobby's friend Terry Jack "T.J." 

 4-13-02 from Art's son Ron Arfons 

 4-05-02 from Rick Losa about Chuck Morris 

 3-19-02 from Dave Carlson about "The Steam Car" 

 3-04-02 from John A. Hudson about Walt 

 2-17-02 from Leonard Cornelius, Chuck Morris' stepson 

 1-14-02 from Bill Smeltzer about Bobby 

 12-10-01 from Jon Doeringer about Walt 

 7-23-01 from Dave Carlson about "Ray Thomas" 

 7-18-01 from Bobby's son Chip 

 7-9-01 from Dave Carlson "The Rest of the Story" 

 7-9-01 from Bill Weiss Lawrence Kansas 

 7-8-01 from Dave Carlson  "He Was There !" 

 5-10-01 from Walt's grandson Eric Arfons 

 4-12-01 from Bobby's sister Judy 

 3-18-01 from Walt Arfons 

 3-18-01 from Rita & Roy Trevino 

 3-17-01 from Bill Chapman ADRA 

 3-15-01 from Bobby's buddy Tom Downing 

 3-08-01 from Tym Tucker, Tom Downing's son-n-law 

 3-7-01 from Bobby's sister Judy 

 3-3-01 from Bobby's brother David 

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