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  Welcome to the Photo Gallery !

 There are a lot of pictures here. I've separated them into three sections, 1/4 Mile, Land Speed and Miscellaneous, and still had to give 1/4 Mile two sections, Dragsters and Funny Cars.

 These are both professional and personally taken pictures, some were for passing out with autographs, others were just because. Some of them have writing on the back, I will include that on the BIG PICTURE page or on the picture itself. One of them says “You must understand this (Rocket Wingfoot) and all of our cars were built in what we considered a backyard garage. We didn't have fancy tools, just ingenuity!”

 Most of these cars were painted by “Gregg The Painter”.

 There are a lot of people in these pictures that I don't know, if you or some you know are in here, I would be really glad to here from you.

 Truly American

Bobby Tatroe's
“Truly American” 1969 Mustang


 Funny Cars 

 Land Speed 


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