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The first articles are related directly to Bobby.

"Breedlove-Tatroe-Cobra" from American Rodding 6/1966

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"Arfons Water Bomb" from Hot Rod 11/1966

 Link To Pictures Of Steam Car 

"Walt Arfons' Wild Steam Dragster" from American Rodding 6/1967

“Wonderland” Grand Rapids Press 4/30/1967

“Wonderland” Grand Rapids Press 5/7/1967

“Wonderland” Grand Rapids Press 5/14/1967

“Wonderland” Grand Rapids Press 5/21/1967

Hot Cars "Weird and Wonderful" The Jet Age

The articles below are related to the site in one way or another, enjoy.

"Jet Dragsters, The Grounded Missile" from Popular Hotrodding 4/1963

 New !

"Chute" from Popular Hotrodding 4/1963

"All About The Wienie Roasters" from Modern Rod 7/1963

"The Jet - a short fuse bomb?" from Hot Rod 8/1963

"Cartoon" 6/1971

Rod & Custom "Models" 6/1964

"All About Jets" from Car Craft's Drag Racing 1983

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