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American Jet Cars

This website, American Jet Cars, is the product of
Donald “Chip” Tatroe who is solely responsible for its content.

Except where stated otherwise, neither Donald “Chip” Tatroe,
nor this website, is associated or affiliated with, endorsed,
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It is intended to be a “show-n-tell, check out my scrap books” kind of website.

If you or your organization feel I have infringed upon your copyrights please
feel free to contact me at the e-mail link below.

I have tried to keep this as much like my father would have liked it to be.

He did what he did for the love of speed and power and to entertain
as many people as possible.

I never once heard him say anything about fame and glory or
the riches that came with it.

He touched an uncountable number of lives and was a rich man for that.

He will always be in our hearts.

Donald “Chip” Tatroe

I thank Car & Driver for their permission and Sports Illustrated for their response.

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