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  Welcome to the Arfons Family section.
 I have a lot of articles and pictures that Dad saved and a bunch that I have found since starting this site. I didn't realize there was so much documented material on this family and I still don't have it all, if that's possible !

They are given credit for :

  • The first “Slingshot” and “Sidewinder” style dragsters.

  • In 1954 the first Allison Powered “Green Monster” made a two pass average of 132 mph on it's first time out at the first World Series of Drag Racing in Lawrenceville Ill.
    From Rod & Custom 1/1955
    Also won the Maremont trophy and $1,000 Scholarship at this event.
    From Rod Builder & Customizer 7/1956.

  • The first 150 mph in “G.M. #6” at the 1956 Nationals Labor Day weekend in Kansas City (Art).
    This pass made Art the initial member of the Hot Rod “150 MPH Club”!
    Also 131 mph top speed gas class in “G.M. #5” (Walt).
    From Hot Rod 11/1956.

  • Ran 157.89 mph in “G.M. #5”, at the First International Drag Meet in Chester S.C., winter 1957, on pump gas! Also the first crash at an ITA supervised strip, same event, 152 mph (Art).

  • The first 170-172 mph National Record 9-3-59 (Art).
    From Hot Rod 11/1959

  • The first 180 mph at Brookville Fla. 1959, also 8.43 et at Chester S.C..

  • Collected the first significant appearance money ever paid to a drag racer,
    $500, 1953.

  • Contributed two important safety devices since made mandatory for drag cars:
    The overhead roll cage 1954 and The parachute in the Eastern USA early 1959 (Art & Walt).
    From Car Craft 8/1960

  • The first to use Jet Engines in race cars (Walt).

  • The first run of the first successful Jet Dragster was Aug. 6 1960 (Walt).

  • One super low E.T. of 4.18 set at Houston in 1961 (Walt).

  • 213.23 mph and 7.38 et on July 29 1961 at Fontana Raceway (Walt, Nook Bakewell driver).

  • The first Jet Funny Cars both Steel and Fiberglass bodied 1967 (Walt).

  • The first 324 mph 1/4 mile run 1979 (Craig).

  • The first 370 mph on water 7-9-89 (Craig).

  • Land Speed Records include 413 mph, 434 mph, 515 mph, 536 mph, 559 mph,
    and 571 mph.

  • Art set 8 different National and InterNational records in just two passes on
    the Salt.

  • In 1962 at Bonneville, Art's first Jet Dragster “Cyclops” topped 342 mph, the fastest run ever recorded by an opencockpit vehicle.

  • Walt had the first rocket powered Land Speed Car, also the only private citizen
    to use J.A.T.O. (jet assisted take off) bottle rockets.

  • At age 65, Art was the oldest active driver ever inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame.

  • Art was timed at 615 mph before losing a wheel and surviving one of the most violent crashes in motorsports history.

 I`m sure there are countless numbers of individual records all over the United States. Imagine what we will never know about, but still happened !

 This is an amazing group people when you look at what they brought into this world for us to enjoy and be in awe of. I welcome any stories, pics or articles you my want to help out with.

 If any other family member would like to be added, just contact me, all I need is the material.

 Arfons Brothers 

 Walt Arfons 

 Craig Arfons 

 Art Arfons 

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